18 powerful secrets of a happy relationship (part 1)

18 powerful relationship secrets


This article has been designed for people who want to build happy and successful relationships. Its idea is to provide lovers or partners with 18 powerful secrets on how to build a happy and successful relationship.

Each chapter has been divided into three sections, definition, importance and advice. Topics terminologies have been defined literally and also as it relates to the subject discussed in this material relationship”.

The term partner has been technically picked to represent lovers in this book because this material has been planned for all intimate relationships both married and unmarried.

It educates partners on the basic secrets about a relationship and vital knowledge on handling relationship issues.

Many relationships in the world have numerous problems and challenges, this article has been designed to solve those problems and provide a solution to those challenges.

I guarantee you that after reading this article and using it as a guide in building your relations: you will be able to achieve a happy and successful relationship.

This article is structured to provide lovers or partners with basic knowledge and understanding to build a happy and successful relationship. Definitions, importance, and advice have been used to discuss each chapter.

The idea of this article is clear from the content. The article is written with simple terminology and popular quotation to make this book easy to understand.

  This article discusses how to improve yourself and your partner.

About the article

Many relationships have broken up or are vague of breaking up because of numerous conflicts between partners and the challenges they encounter.

Most partners live together has house or roommates instead of lovers, they pretend all is well when nothing is right at all.

But I provide you with are basic and vital secrets you can follow to achieve a happy and successful relationship you have always dreamt and wish of.

Readers of this article will be educated on how to improve their relationship and also become emotionally stable.

With this well planned material i list and discuss basic secrets as follows commitment, communication, respect, forgiveness, unity, tolerance, faithfulness, truthfulness, compliment, style, industriousness, giving, apology, third party, third person, habits, jealousy, gratitude and positive that partners must follow to achieve a happy and successful relationship.



Commitment in a relationship is when they both partners involved in the relationship have made up their mind to stay together and love each other all the days of their life, no matter the challenges they encounter and disagreement between them. The bond between committed partners is unbreakable and everlasting. Committed partners will never walk out of the relationship no matter the situation they find themselves.

Without commitment, partners will simply work out of the relationship during difficult times.

You must value other people’s commitment if you want other people to value your own committed.

Commitment provides security for partners in a relationship. 

Importance of commitment in a relationship


Committed partners assure each other that they will honor and respect the union between them forever, this makes each partner feel secure knowing that the relationship will last all the days of their life.


Committed partners respect each other values, feeling and the union between them.


Committed partners love and care for each other because they always want to make each other happy.


Committed partners are Faithfull to each other because they don’t make to make each other jealous and sad.


Committed partners are truthful to each other because they want to destroy the trust in the relationship.

Commitment strengthens the bond between partners. 

Advice to partners about commitment in a relationship


Discuss with your partner regularly to find out what you can do to make your partner, feel more secure in the relationship.


Call your partner regularly when both of you are apart, it shows you care from where ever you are.


Send regular text messages to your partner, expressing your love.

Love note

Writes a regular love note to your partner, it shows your natural and romantic commitment 


Display your partner pictures everywhere you can, like your car, phone, bedroom, and office, to prove you are proud of your partner.

Committed partners stand by each other no matter the challenges they encounter.

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