18 powerful secrets of a happy relationship (part 2)

18 powerful relationship secrets

In part one of this article, I discuss the importance of commitment to building a happy relationship.
In part two, I will discuss how vital communication and respect is in building a happy relationship.



Communication in a relationship is when partners discuss together, about their feeling, challenges, values, and believes, understanding and views on different issues. Communication connects partner heart. Without sound communication, you cannot satisfy your partner. 

Communication is the light that keeps your relationship shinning without it your relationship will be dark.

The most important thing in communication is listening to each other. 

Communication helps partners to settle disputes in a relationship.

Communication helps the partner to understand each other feelings at all times.

Importance of communication in a relationship


Communication helps partners to understand each other feeling, situation, and condition at any given time


Partners express their challenges to each other throw communication this helps partners to know how to support each other.


Communication builds confidence between partners because they know each other situation and feelings.


Communication creates peace between partners because they can discuss and settle disputes together.


Communication creates unity between partners because they discuss together before taking any decision or action.

Communication is the beauty of any relationship.

Every happy and successful relationship was built and sustain with good communication between both partners.

Advice to partners about communication in a relationship

Express your feeling

When you are discussing with your partner, say exactly how you feel about any situation or issue. It helps your partner to understand you better and to know what to do to make you feel better about any situation.


Concentrate fully when discussing with your partner. Turn off all electronic devices that can cause distraction.This will prove to your partner, that the discussion is important to you.

Listen attentively

Listen attentively before responding to your partner during discussion


Be calm with your partner during discussion no matter what your partner says, don’t get angry and react. 

Time and place

 Choose a good place and time to discuss with your partner, maybe late at night, during dinner, while driving or when taking a walk.

Talk less

During discussion talk less and listen more to your partner so you can understand exactly what your partner is saying and what you should reply or do.

Communication keeps partners connected.



Respect in a relationship is to regard your partner’s feelings, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and values very important. Partners who have respect for each other mind what they say and do to each other even during arguments or disputes.

Respecting your partner creates trust in a relationship.

Everybody loves to be respected.

Learn to respect everybody’s opinion.

Everybody deserves respect.

Importance of respect in a relationship


Without respect in a relationship, there will be no peace because even a mere joke can end up in a quarrel or even a fight. The discussion will also end up with an argument.


Respect in a relationship creates confidence between partners because the values and beliefs of each partner are considered very important in the relationship.

Smooth communication

Respect in a relationship creates smooth communication because each partner mined what they say during a discussion.

Your character determines the respect you get.

Respecting others will make you happy.

Listening to others means you respect them.

Advice to partners about respect in a relationship

Mine your words and statement

Never you used disrespectful words with your partner or make a disrespectful statement to your partner. 

Mine your actions and decisions

Do not take action or decisions that affect your partner negatively.


Discuss every issue and challenge with your partner before taking any decision or action.

Educated people respect the right for other people to be different.

 Your subordinate and the will perform better.

Love without respect is hatred.

We own everybody in all class respect and love.

Respect others and they will never forget you but the will remain loyal to you.

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