18 powerful secrets of a happy relationship (part 3)

18 powerful relationship secrets



Forgiveness in a relationship is when you decide not to hold any grudges against your partner after your partner had hurt you. The only way partners can truly settle a dispute is by forgiving each other. Forgiveness is a sign of true love, you must learn to forgive your partner because we all make mistakes.

When you forgive you will be happy.

Forgiving someone is an expression of true love.

Only a strong person can forgive.

I am sorry and forgiveness is part of strong people.

Forgiveness creates unity for partners.

Learn to forgive we are all imperfect.

Importance of forgiveness in a relationship

To avoid contempt

Partners can develop contempt for each other without forgiveness.

Smooth communication

Partners cannot communicate smoothly without forgiving each other.

Happiness and good health

Partners cannot be happy if they do not forgive each other and they can both suffer from emotional and health problems.

Forgiveness is the only way to be free from conflict with your partner.

Forgiveness is the greatest sign of love.

Forgiveness helps you to move on with your partner.

Advice to partners about forgiveness in a relationship


We are all imperfect, so always try to forgive your partner’s mistakes.

Forgive and forget

When you settle disputes with your partner don’t mention it again.

Don’t transfer blames

Do not always blame your partner alone when things go wrong always believe both of you are at fault.

Mine your statement

When your partner hurt you, don’t make a statement as I will never forgive you for what you have done, such a statement can destroy trust. 

Settle disputes quickly 

Try to settle disputes quickly with your partner to avoid disunity. 

 Forgiveness leaves no room for resentment and retaliation.



Unity in a relationship is when partners discuss an issue together before taking any decision or action. United partners fight every challenge together and together as a team. No relationship can stand without unity.

Unity is strength and disunity is a weakness.

Importance of unity in a relationship


Unity creates peace between partners because united partners do not blame each other for the problem the encounter but fight as a team solves all problems.


United partners support each other in all situations.


United partners are committed to each other success and happiness.


United partner trusts each other because they take every decision together.


United partners are faithful to each other because of the work together as a team.


United part put each other interest first.

 Unity must be part of any happy union.

Advice to partners about unity in a relationship


United partners work as a team.


Discuss with your partner before taking any decision.


Always puts your partner’s interest first.

Don’t transfer blames.

Don’t blame your partner when things go wrong rather work as a team to solve any problem.

Unity is a pillar that holds a relationship from collapsing.



Tolerance in a relationship is accepting your

Your level of tolerance reflects your level of education.

Tolerance means you should respect other people’s differences rather than persecution them.

 Importance of tolerance in a relationship


Without tolerance, partners cannot stay in peace because each partner has a different belief, value, and understanding about different issues.


Tolerance creates unity between partners because the values and beliefs of each partner are respected in the relationship.

You must develop a tolerance for those who disagree with you.

Advice to partners about tolerance in a relationship


Respect your partner’s values and beliefs because we are all different.

 We are all different individuals we need tolerance to stay together in unity. 

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