18 powerful secrets of a happy relationship (part 4)

18 powerful relationship secrets



Faithfulness in a relationship is when partners respect and honor their union and do not have any affair with any other person apart from their partner. True lovers cannot cheat on each other because they don’t want to hurt each other.

Importance of faithfulness in a relationship


Faithful partners trust each other, even when they are far apart.


Faithful partners satisfied each other financially, emotionally, etc, because they concentrate only on each other.


Faithfull partners enjoy a peaceful relationship because there is no fight over cheating.


Faithful partners are more committed to each other.


Faithfull partners live in unity because of the trust they have for each other.

Advice to partners about faithfulness in a relationship


Be contented with your partner even if you find some weakness in your partner because we all have a weakness.


Faithfulness will help you to satisfy your partner, this will make your relationship stronger.

Being faithful to your partner will bring satisfaction in your relationship.



Truthfulness in a relationship is being sincere to your partner. Truthful partners will tell each other exactly what happens or is happening without adding any lies.

Importance of truthfulness in a relationship


Truthful partners trust each other.


Truthful partners are committed to each other.

Advice about truthfulness in a relationship


Always tell the truth to your partner it does create trust in the relationship.

Truthfulness creates unity.



Compliment in a relationship is praising your partner for doing something. Complimenting your partner creates a good feeling and self-esteem in your partner.

Importance of compliment in a relationship


Compliment creates confidence between partners because they know they are appreciated by their partner.


Complimenting your partner makes your partner feel important and respected; this will make your partner more committed in the relationship 

Advice to partners about compliment in a relationship

To strengthen your relationship

Always compliment your partner; this will strengthen your relationship.

Compliment an expression of deep feeling.



Your style is everything about you, the way you dress, your hair cut and your behavior. Your style defines who you are. A person with a modern and smart style will be more appreciated in a relationship.

Importance of style in a relationship


When your style is appreciated by your partner, you will feel important and respected.


Your partner will be proud of you when you have a lovely style; this will creates unity in your relationship because your partner will always want to be around you.


Your partner will be more contented with you when your style is attractive.


When your style is attractive your partner will be more committed to you.


Your partner will respect you more if your style is charming.

Advice for partners about style in relationship


Your hair must be charming because people are very sensitive about hairstyles; in fact, your hairstyle is so important to your looks. Always make sure your hairstyle is appreciated and loved by your partner. You can also ask your partner to choose hair for you.


Your dressing says a lot about your personality. Always make sure your dressing is modern, smart, charming and lovely. This will bring you more respect, unity, and commitment from your partner.

My style is my identity.


People love to associate with clean people. Always make sure you are very clean. Keep your clothes, body, surrounding, house, car and every other thing around you clean always, this will make your partner admire and respect you more.

Cleanliness increases self-esteem. 

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