18 powerful secrets of a happy relationship (part 5)

18 powerful relationship secrets



Being industrious is working hard to provide for yourself and even people around you. People love to associate with industrious people because they are always creative and innovative, and they can also support the people around them.

Importance of industriousness in a relationship


Your partner will believe in you more when you are industrious. Your partner will believe in your dreams and passion.


When you are industrious your partner will believe more in you and this will create more unity in your relationship.


When you are industrious you will be able to satisfy yourself and your partner financially. When you are industrious you can provide your needs and that of your partner.


When you are industrious you will be financially strong and you will be able to support your partner financially, this will create more peace in your relationship.


Hard words will create pride and confidence in you and will also make your partner proud of you.

Advice to partners about industriousness in a relationship

Work hard

Hard work so can be financially strong to provide for yourself and your partner.

Do something

Get a job no matter the type of job; just do something that can end your money.


Be creative; think of what you can do to make more money.


Try to be innovative, come up with new ideas that can help you make more money.


Try and be effective in your job it can help you make more money.

Realistic target

Set realistic targets for yourself, do not set unattainable targets.


Be optimistic about whatever you are doing; just believe in yourself and what you are doing.


Try and learn to do your job perfectly without mistakes. This will make you more effective.


Learn to improve on the way you do your job, try to become faster and better.

 Dream big

Try to be great, this will end you more success and money.


Learn to save more money. Saving is one of the best ways you can have investment capital.


Try and invest your earning, this will strengthen your financial stability: you can invest in shares or start of your own business.

Do your best

Try to do your best in everything you do this will make you more effective and you will end more money.

Enjoy your life 

Create time for your partner, relaxation and enjoyment. Don’t become a workaholic.

Industriousness is a sure way to wealth.



Giving in a relationship is sharing what you have with yours. Giving is also supporting your partner and proving for your partner’s needs. 

Importance of giving in a relationship


People love people that support and take care of them. Your partner will love you more if you are a giver.


Givers end lots of respect from people. Your partner will respect you more if you are a giver.


People love to associate with givers. There will more unity between you and your partner if you are a giver.


People have more tolerance for people they receive from. Your partner will tolerant you more if you a given and will enjoy more peace in your relationship.

Advice about giving in a relationship


Always share with your partner no matter how small you have. that prove to your partner you are caring.

Bountiful giving

Always give to your partner bountifully .people don’t appreciate people who give sparingly.

Quiet giving 

When you give to your partner don’t announce it, people appreciate quiet givers.

Frequent giving

Give frequently to prove to your partner that you are very caring.

Giving is a true expression of love.

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