18 powerful secrets of a happy relationship (part 6)

18 powerful relationship secrets


Apology in relation is saying sorry to your partner for what you did or said. You have to accept that you are wrong or at fault before you apologize. 

Importance of apology in a relationship


Apology creates peace in relationships when you apologize it shows you a sorry and ready for reconciliation, which will create peace in the relationship.


Apology makes partners more united. When you apologize to your partner its shows you cherish your relationship and your partner’s feeling is important to you, this will make your partner closer to you creating more unity in the relationship.

create unity in your relationship no matter what it takes if you want to live in peace with your partner.


Apologizing to your partner show your partner is important to you and this will make your partner cherish and love you more.


Apologizing to your partner shows you a committed to the success of the relationship and the happiness of your partner.

Advice to partners about apology in a relationship

Learn to apologize

Learn to apologize when you hurt your partner; don’t find it difficult to say sorry.


Try to apologize even when you a not wrong to create peace in the relationship.

An apology is the best option for reconciliation.


Don’t be too proud to say sorry when you are wrong or even when you are right.



The third party in a relationship is any other person apart from the two partners involved in the relationship. The third person should be avoided in any relationship. Partners should confine each other and settle disputes between themselves without involving a third person.

Importance of avoiding a third person in a relationship

To Avoid Conflict

Involving the third party in your relationship will create more conflict between you and your partner because a third person can offer wrong advice to any of the partners which will create more problems in the relationship.

Advice to partners about avoiding a third party in a relationship

Confine in your partner

Try to solve all the problems between you and your partner without involving a third party.

I confine only in my partner to keep my relationship safe.



Habits are the things you do regularly, habits are very important for any relationship to succeed.

Bad habits can make partners incompatible, so to build a good relationship you must develop positive and generally acceptable habits.

A good habit will also help you live in good health and this will enable to support and for your partner on the other hand bad habit can lead to hill health which will make you become a problem to your partner.

Importance of good habit in a relationship

Good health

Good habits will improve your health. Good health will make you more effective and strong and you will be more supportive and caring to your partner.


 Good habits create unity between partners because partners with good habits do not provoke each other.


Good habits can make partners very compatible because they enjoy each other behavior.


Good habits create peace in a relationship because partners do not fight and quarrel over each other behavior.

Advice to partners about habits in a relationship

Build good habits

Try to build good and positive habits that can make your partner happy and committed to you.

Break bad habits 

Try to stop practicing any habits, irritating your partner, to avoid creating contempt in your relationship.

To maintain good health

Bad habits like smoking, excess drinking, and unfaithfulness to your partner can cause cancer, liver and kidney failure and HIV and AIDS.

Good habits bring happiness



Jealousy is being envious of someone. Avoid being jealous over your partner, don’t let jealousy destroy your relation.

Importance of avoiding jealousy

Jealousy destroys trust and can lead to misunderstanding and contempt.

Advice to partners about jealousy

Don’t make your partner feel jealousy to avoid distrust.

To make your partner jealous is disrespectful.



Gratitude is appreciating what someone has done for you.

Importance of gratitude in a relationship

When you are grateful to your partner, he or she will be willing to do more.

Advice to partners about gratitude

Always be grateful to your partner for what he or she has done for you no matter how small.

Appreciating my partner has bought me more care.



Being positive is being optimistic. 

Importance of being positive in a relationship

People love to be with optimistic people that believe they can make it do matter the situation.

Advice to partners about being positive

Build positive behavior, it will make your partner believe in you.

You have to be positive to be successful.

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